3D Designer Home Floor Plan Software

With 3D design software for building contractors, you are able to construct your next project on the screen of your computer to make sure everything is perfect before moving forward with the build.

Digital Canal has developed industry-leading designer home software for residential contractors that streamlines your entire project. Our software is called Design Essentials and Design Expert. These let you create 3D models of your project — whether that is a home, a deck or shed.

Intuitive 3D floor plan software for building contractors

Design Essentials and Design Expert were developed by builders, for builders. Digital Canal software has been an industry leader for the last 30 years. Over that period of time, the team at Digital Canal worked hard to create a solution that brought efficiency and accuracy to every phase of the job.

With our 3D design software for building contractors you are empowered with the ability to:

  •  Give clients and team members a chance to see the project in vivid terms
  •  Make quick and seamless changes
  •  Test the build-ability of your designs
  •  Generation blueprints of the project
  •  Run a quick, accurate takeoff
  •  And more

What were once time-consuming, tedious processes are now simplified thanks to Digital Canal and our designer home software for residential contractors. You don’t even have to be a computer wizard to run these digital tools, either.

Our software comes with assistance built right in it. It will only take you a couple hours to learn all of its capabilities and get to implementing it into your construction operation.

Get a free demonstration of our 3D design home software for residential contractors

Digital Canal would like to show you the capabilities of our 3D design software for building contractors. Contact our team and ask about SolidBuilder and our many other solutions and services for   construction professionals.