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1. What does $99 a month get me?

  • 1) A VERY Professional Website that will generate NEW SALES LEADS for you while also making you appear more professional and more advanced than your competition to anyone looking for a contractor.
  • 2) Responsive Technology. This is what makes your website fit perfectly on any device including: Smart Phones, Laptops, tablets, etc.
  • 3) Website hositing. We provide a 99% up time so you never have to worry that people won’t find your website.
  • 4) Email. We provide your company with email communication.
  • 5) NEW LEADS. You will now be found when prospects search the internet for conractors.

2. When can I be running and receiving new leads?

If you liked one of our Fully Designed customized websites in the Test Drive area then we can customize this in a matter of a day or two. Fast, professional, personalized and profitable in as little as a day or two!

If you prefer a Spec Template or a totally custom website then it takes a bit longer. Usually a matter of a couple of weeks. If this is what you prefer then a 10 minute phone call will get us everything we need to move forward.


3. Can we modify the Test Drive Sites or the Spec Templates?

Yes. We can change or customize anything you want to change. Changes others have made include:

- Photos: Many people wish to have a Photo Gallery to show how exceptional their work really is and we can easily add this for you as well.

- Inventory: if you have inventory that you want to sell on your website we will add an “Inventory Button” with photos and verbiage to help you sell them. This alone could save you thousands of dollars in realtor fees.

- Community: if you are trying to sell mutliple homes and/or Lots in a community we can help you design this to be appealing and sell properties for you.


4. Can you GUARANTEE that I will be on page 1 of Google?

Yes! Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is what gets your website on page 1 and it is considered a “mystical black box” that cannot be broken. Well, we are the ONLY company that will guarantee you first page placement in Google or your money will be refunded.

This unique and exceptional SEO page 1 money back guarantee requires a separate investment in addition to your $99 monthly website payment.


5. Is there a time commitment for my $99 a month

Yes, the $99 a month payment requires a 30 month Agreement. We offer the monthly plan because most of the contractors that we know prefer to keep their costs low and everyone can afford $99 a month for new leads. However, if you prefer to pay up front that is also an option.