Estimating Custom Design Software

Welcome to Digital Canal, where, for the last three decades, we have been providing over 11,000 construction professionals around the world with services and solutions to make their professional lives easier, ranging from estimating and design software for contractors to digital takeoffs and more.

With Digital Canal, you are getting solutions and services that were developed by fellow construction professionals. These are digital tools that were designed by builders for builders.

With decades of combined construction experience on our staff, we were able to carefully develop software that streamlined tedious, time-consuming and error-ridden processes. From our estimating software for contractor builders to our drag-and-drop design software, you will find an almost instant ROI with all the time and energy you are able to save.

Explore our variety of solutions

Digital Canal has grown into an industry leader for the solutions we offer our clients, which range from home builders to interior designers, architects and more. We provide help with:

  • Design: Our design software for contractors is called SolidBuilder and Building Blocks. This software emphasizes both the design AND construction aspects of your project. With an easy interface, you are able to seamlessly build your structure. Then, you can convert the design to workable blueprints and run a takeoff to populate your materials list. Everything you design in SolidBuilder can be built in the field.
  • Estimating: Our estimating software for builders also streamlines a once time-consuming, tedious task. With BidBuilder and Digital Takeoff, not only can you get rid of your bulky digitizer, but you are able to calculate estimates very quickly while retaining the accuracy that is so important to your financial bottom line.
  • Web services: Aside from our estimating and design software for contractors, we help construction professionals get noticed. Too many professionals do not have a web presence, which means they are missing out on a lot of business. We can equip your company with online solutions that gets you noticed and even sells your services 24/7 without you doing all the leg work.

With our design and estimating software for contractor builders, you will be able to save serious time and energy. Not only that, but you are able to pinpoint problems sooner so they don’t disrupt the building process and you are also able to provide much better service for your clients.

Experience the ROI of Digital Canal’s solutions

Our custom design software for contractor builders, in addition to all of our solutions, are affordably-priced. Once you put them to use, you will get almost instant ROI.

At Digital Canal, we believe that, no matter how big or small your operation is, you should be able to work smarter instead of harder. Our estimating and design software for contractors helps you do that.

We know your business because we are builders, remodelers and land developers ourselves. Our core focus is in the tools you need for everyday operations including: BidBuilder Estimating software, Digital Takeoff (PC screen tracing) software, SolidBuilder Design software, and Plan Drafting services. And, allow your prospects and clients to use our myBUILD 3D modeling sales tool to customize any home you offer and MyBuild will close the sale for you.

Feel free to browse our website and contact us if you have questions at 1-(800)-449-5033 or